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Labor and employment

The labor and employment business team of King & Capital Law Firm can help employers and employees minimize workplace conflicts and improve work efficiency. We can not only help employers and employees understand the boundaries of their rights and obligations clearly, but we can also guide employers and employees in the best way to behave when facing conflicts in the workplace. We strive to resolve conflicts in the budding period of labor disputes and help both parties to deal with the potential conflicts smoothly, especially to help employers improve their own labor management and employment culture through analysis after labor disputes. We hope to help employers build harmonious labor relations, and take the promotion of fairness and rationality in the workplace as our unremitting pursuit.


The team of lawyers graduated from first-class law schools at home and abroad, focusing on labor law business, and have represented nearly 1,000 labor dispute cases in total. We have rich experience in the field of labor law business litigation and non-litigation, such as labor dispute case agency, employee labor relationship management, placement and layoffs of large-scale employees, labor outsourcing and labor dispatch, salary system design, labor laws and regulations, and practical training. The team lawyers have been serving as legal advisers for state agencies, state-owned enterprises, and public institutions all year round, having an in-depth understanding of the historical extension of labor law and the current judicial situation, and being good at handling complex cases such as historical issues, large-scale employee placement and layoffs. The team lawyers can use both Chinese and English for office work, and have in-depth research on new employment relationships like foreign-related employment and network platform employment. The team advocates "providing operable system solutions" and "prevention and control of legal risks in advance", and is committed to helping employers and employees reduce conflicts, resolve disputes, and build harmonious labor relations.

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