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Intellectual Property

The intellectual property business department at King & Capital has a team of professional intellectual property lawyers and legal experts. They have long engaged in IPR research and practice, including such fields as patents, trademarks, copyright, anti-unfair competition, trade secrets and network IPR. Successful cases include trademark infringement disputes, patent technology infringement disputes, copyright infringement disputes, reputation infringement disputes and computer software protection. The team’s wealth of practical experience has seen them achieve outstanding results in providing legal services on copyright, anti-unfair competition, trade secrets and Internet intellectual property.


The intellectual property department has more than 40 experienced lawyers, patent attorneys and trademark attorneys. Its scope of practice involves intellectual property risk control, patent rights, trademark rights, copyrights, anti-unfair competition, franchising, IPR at exhibitions, and other intellectual property-related fields. The lawyers have a wealth of experience in case handling and profound theoretical knowledge, able to take on difficult cases and serve clients to the utmost.

The trademark team of the intellectual property business department is composed of senior examiners who have worked in the Trademark Office and the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board, practicing lawyers with rich practical experience, trademark attorneys with more than ten years of professional experience in addition to supporting staff such as well-trained assistants and secretaries. This ensures the efficiency and quality of the entire team’s work.

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  • Legal business concerning patent litigation and non-litigation affairs

    (1) Acting as an agent in the litigation, mediation or arbitration concerning patent application disputes, patent infringement disputes, patent contract disputes, in the patent administrative processing and patent administrative litigation;
    (2) Participate in patent application and examination procedures, patent reexamination procedures and invalidation procedures;
    (3) When the patent right is used as capital contribution, go through the patent right evaluation and patent right transfer procedures;
    (4) Draft contracts on patent application rights and patent rights assignment and patent implementation license, and handle relevant procedures;
    (5) Formulate patent strategy, conduct patent application demonstration and patent search;
    (6) Other businesses related to patents.


  • Legal business concerning trademark

    (1) Provide advisory opinions on trademark protection strategies;
    (2) Provide legal services on trademark search, investigation and give legal opinions;
    (3) Participate in trademark registration application and review procedures;
    (4) Participate in the procedures of trademark opposition, review and cancellation of improper registration;
    (5) Handle the matters such as the renewal and change of registered trademarks;
    (6) Acting as an agent in Litigation, participate in administrative investigation, and conduct anti-counterfeiting in trademark infringement disputes;
    (7) Draft licensing and assignment contracts of trademark rights, and go through relevant procedures;
    (8) Participate in the mediation and litigation concerning conflicts between trademark and trade name (company name) rights, copyrights, and design patent rights;

  • Legal business concerning copyright

    (1) Acting as an agent in mediation and litigation of copyright and neighbouring rights disputes;
    (2) Participate in copyright administrative processing procedures;
    (3) Acting as an agent in mediation and litigation concerning the conflicts between copyright and trademark rights and design patent rights;
    (4) Handle the copyright issues related to the Internet;
    (5) Handle the copyright issues related to computer software;
    (6) Other business related to copyright.

  • Legal business concerning trade secrets

    (1) Acting as an agent in mediation and litigation concerning trade secret infringement disputes;
    (2) Transform the company's technical information and business information into business secrets through legal means;
    (3) Use the protection methods of patents and trade secrets simultaneously to comprehensively protect the technology of the enterprise;
    (4) Formulate trade secret protection strategies;
    (5) Draft trade secret protection agreements and competition restriction contracts for enterprises, and draw up confidentiality systems;
    (6) Other businesses related to trade secrets.


  • Legal business concerning anti-unfair competition

    (1) Conduct investigation and evidence collection on unfair competition;
    (2) Acting as an agent in mediation and litigation concerning anti-unfair competition disputes;

  • Intellectual property training service

    (1) Basic concepts of the intellectual property system and basic knowledge of related laws and regulations;
    (2) The situation of international and domestic intellectual property work;
    (3) Basic content of national intellectual property strategy and enterprise intellectual property strategy;
    (4) Practices and skills in the use of patent documents and information, and trends in the development and transformation of the global intellectual property system;
    (5) The guiding ideology, objectives and tasks of the national intellectual property strategy;
    (6) Procedures and legal regulations for intellectual property application and approval;
    (7) Procedures, examination principles and legal provisions for reexamination of patent applications and requests for invalidation of patent rights;
    (8) Reasons, procedures and effects of trademark cancellation and trademark registration invalidation;
    (9) Basic knowledge of copyright law and other related intellectual property laws;
    (10) The legal proceedings on intellectual property and the content and procedures of intellectual property administrative enforcement and judicial protection.