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Banking and Finance

Financial business is one of the fields of practice in which King & Capital boasts the most advantage. Focusing on providing legal services for financial businesses, the team has systematically conducted theoretical research on and a wealth of practical experience in various financial businesses. It has provided high-quality legal services for hundreds of financial enterprises, government agencies, large and medium-sized enterprises and institutions, earning universal recognition and praise.

King & Capital’s team of financial lawyers is a professional cohort composed of expert lawyers proficient in finance, investment and financing, taxation, accounting, government affairs, financial and commercial disputes and other fields. Following the service code of "pursuing excellence and living up to the clients' expectation" , which has been performed by the law firm for 25 years, the team is committed to providing clients with legal support throughout the entire process, and strives to build a high-end financial legal service brand with King & Capital's characteristics.


Team members have a wealth of experience and profound legal knowledge. More than half are university professors and holders of doctoral or masters degrees. Some have worked in arbitration commissions, provincial or municipal party committees and governments, state-owned enterprises, top investment banks, and well-known accounting firms. They are thus able to ensure provision of professional and comprehensive legal solutions from the clients’ perspective and interests. Some team members are experts listed in the National Development and Reform Commission/Ministry of Finance “Public-Private Partnership Expert Database”. Most of the lawyers are also qualified as certified public accountants, securities lawyers, legal consultants of state-owned enterprise, independent directors of listed companies, fund practitioners, senior economists, or tenderers.



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  • The legal services concerning investment and financing consultation

    The King & Capital financial lawyers have been deeply involved in the large financial field for a long time, providing professional legal services for the industrial customers, such as banks, fund companies, securities companies, trust companies, insurance companies, factoring companies, financial leasing companies, finance companies and asset management companies. They can provide the whole process consulting services concerning investment and financing project planning and design, fund raising, and project implementation for all levels of government and various enterprises from a legal perspective, and based on investment bank thinking and financial analysis. The areas include but are not limited to: investment, financing, acquisition, corporate restructuring and restructuring, PPP projects, franchise projects, corporate establishment and equity structure design, diversified ownership reform of state-owned enterprise and state-owned assets management, corporate bankruptcy reorganization and liquidation, compliance audit and legal risk prevention and control, contract drafting and negotiation, preparation of project implementation and development plan, as well as investment calculation and analysis. They have won many successful practical cases and fruitful theoretical research results, achieved "systematization", "modularization" and "proceduralization" of knowledge achievements, and can provide customers with high-level legal solutions professionally and efficiently.


  • The legal services for solving investment and financing disputes

    The King & Capital financial lawyers are committed to solving major, complex and difficult commercial disputes in the field of investment and financing and helping customers to protect their rights in the whole process from dispute settlement plan demonstration, reconciliation plan design, consultation and negotiation at the initial stage to representation in litigation and arbitration, and then to case enforcement agency. After sorting out and summarizing the successful experience of "compliant operation and risk prevention and control", the team of financial lawyers have developed a basic database of legal and compliance risk and a system for identifying, evaluating and managing such risk which can cover the entire process of enterprise operations. Based on this, they can provide customers with high-quality legal services on risk prevention and control.

  • The legal services concerning credit management

    After years of practice and summaries, the King & Capital financial lawyers integrate the elements of legal risk, business management and marketing, and create a system of full-process legal services for credit management, which focuses on three basic principles, "prevention at the signing stage, control at the fulfillment stage, and governance at the collection stage." With this system and according to the different characteristics of each stage, the financial lawyers take comprehensive measures to prevent, control and dispose the credit legal risks, and provide the domestic large enterprises, financial institutions and government department with professional legal services such as permanent credit legal consultation, project due diligence, legal training on credit management, performance supervision, accounts receivable management, credit consulting and collection of overdue accounts receivable.

  • The legal services concerning digital economy

    Taking the "Digital Economy Legal Research Center of King & Capital Law Firm" as the platform, the King & Capital financial lawyers utilize the value advantages of the brand of King & Capital, unite professional resources, and gather the wisdom and experience of experts listed in the digital center database to provide high-end and high-quality legal services on such innovative business areas as asset securitization, financial technology, legal research on digital economy and compliance protection for domestic and foreign clients.