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Civil and Commercial Litigation and Arbitration

Cases or disputes concerning social relations regulated by civil and commercial laws all come under civil and commercial litigation.


Recognized  as a leading “ litigation law firm”, King & Capital’s civil and commercial litigation team is one of its principal departments. It is also an "expert" and "technical" lawyer team with transferred judges and senior lawyers as the mainstay.


We have over 50 lawyers in King & Capital’s Civil and Commercial Litigation Department, including 25 LLM holders and 6 PhD (Law) holders. There are more than 20 lawyers with more than 10 years’ experience in practice. Among them are many judges' consultants with backgrounds in civil and commercial trials, experts and professors engaged in legal education, arbitrators of arbitration commissions and lawyers returning from abroad. The department’s lawyers have already handled more than 1,000 difficult and complex civil and commercial cases, bringing with them rich case-handling experience and being learned in court appearances.


Department members possess a high level of legal theory and skill in handling practical cases. They have studied the legal theory of a certain professional field in-depth, and summarized practical experience relating to disputes in various professional fields. They can be entrusted to participate as legal advisers on retainer in domestic and foreign institutions and enterprises. Especially in the fields of company disputes, contracts, property rights disputes, financial litigation, family affairs and medical services, King & Capital’s commercial litigation lawyers provide you with professional and comprehensive legal services in civil and commercial affairs by adopting the “professional lawyer + team cooperation” mode of service.


The King & Capital Civil and Commercial Legal Research Centre is a practical civil and commercial research platform initiated by King & Capital Law Firm in conjunction with Chinese and foreign commercial law research organizations. The Centre has hired civil law experts such as Jiang Ping, Sun Xianzhong, Yang Lixin and Cui Jianyuan as consultants. Additionally, it has gathered a number of prestigious legal experts, senior judges and experienced practitioners in legal theory and practice from well-known universities and research institutions both home and abroad. It has a profound theoretical basis and practical experience in the research and handling of suspected new and complex cases. The center is based on case studies of civil and commercial litigation and arbitration, guided by the concept of promoting law legislation and judicial system improvement through practical research in improving the practical competency of domestic civil and commercial lawyers in handling difficult civil and commercial cases.




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Related teams

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  • Company disputes

    With senior Supreme People’s Court judges who have more than 20 years’ experience in commercial trials as business consultants, the company disputes team has more than 20 experienced senior practitioners in the field of company practice, providing legal services for clients on disputes such as corporate governance, shareholder investment, equity transfer, company resolutions, company establishment, merger, acquisition of listed companies and liability for damage to shareholders' interests.

  • Contract disputes

    With three transferred judges at its core, the contract disputes team brings rich practical experience in dealing with disputes over the validity confirmation, cancellation, breach of contract and compensation of various types of contracts, such as sale, loan, guarantee, lease, transportation, house sale and partnership agreements.

  • Property rights disputes

    Headed by a former president of the court’s civil division, the property rights disputes team offers professional and practical solutions in the field of real right confirmation, ownership disputes, security interests and usufructuary rights.

  • Financial litigation

    In the fields of bill disputes, financial products, insurance claims, OTC capital allocation, confirmed warehouse trading, securities and futures disputes, the financial litigation team provides clients with professional and comprehensive legal support.

  • Enforcement agency

    Represented by transferred judges with 15 years experience in the SPC’s Enforcement Division of the SPC, the enforcement agency team has unique professional technology and practical solutions in aspects such as implementing liquidation, asset disposal and enforcement objection.

  • Marriage and family affairs

    Team members are mainly partners with more than 10 years practical experience, being simultaneously able to offer services to foreign-involved family affairs cases in English, Japanese and Korean. They provide professional and systematic prevention and control and agency for problems involved in marriage and family affairs cases between Chinese and foreign parties, as well as create exclusive legal solutions for clients.

  • Medical care and health

    The team provides professional legal services for clients in medical damage liability disputes and medical service disputes, provide internal system and compliance review suggestions for medical (beauty) and other institutions, legal risk prevention in foreign-involved operations as well as various legal affairs and lawsuits involved in servicing institutions.

  • Civil/criminal cross-over businesses

    King & Capital leads the nation in the field of criminal defense, having a number of senior commercial judges and lawyers in civil and commercial litigation. The Civil and Commercial Department and Criminal Affairs Department at King & Capital cooperated closely in setting up a civil/criminal cross business team. In the complex and difficult cross-over field of civil and criminal law, it enjoys a unique team foundation and business advantages.