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Real Estate and Infrastructure

Real estate development and construction projects are characterized by large investments, long cycles and strong professional standards, as well as a complex range of related laws, regulations, judicial interpretations, departmental rules, and standards. The lawyers who provide legal services have solid professional knowledge and a wealth of practical experience, enabling them to resolve difficulties with ease.


Real estate and construction is among the core businesses of King & Capital Law Firm. The law firm has domestic first-class senior experts and an efficient professional lawyer team engaged in real estate and infrastructure business. They are proficient in domestic and foreign laws, regulations and practices concerning real estate development and construction. They are well-versed with the practical business rules for such projects, have always rendered long-term services to various types of clients such as central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, real estate groups, financial institutions and hotels. They specialize in traditional real estate fields such as real estate investment, development and running, and actively expands emerging businesses like pension real estate and asset-light operations. Relying on a wealth of practical experience and a deep understanding of clients’ business needs, and adhering to the service tenet of "efficiency, precision and comprehensiveness", the lawyer team provides clients with pragmatic, professional, and value-added legal services.


The team is led by three partners, all graduates of renowned law schools, and includes more than ten partners and dozens of senior lawyers. Most members have worked in large or foreign real estate development companies, successfully undertaken a large number of disputes concerning real estate cooperative development and housing leasing & sale and have rich experience in the entire real estate legal services process. Some lawyers have led the legal department in some construction companies, and are well-versed in the prevention and control of legal risk in the field of construction projects. In addition, many lawyers are also qualified public accountants and securities practitioners. Furthermore, most lawyers are capable of handling foreign legal services in English, Japanese and other languages.


The business scope of the Real Estate and Construction Business Department includes litigation, arbitration and non-litigation legal services for various stages such as project development, financing, bidding, construction, lease and sale management, and property management. The industries served include commercial real estate, office buildings, industrial parks, and tourism real estate, residential real estate, retirement real estate, hotels, warehousing and logistics, light asset operations and infrastructure.


The team has long tailored high-quality and efficient legal services for clients according to their characteristics and needs. The team has provided corporate clients-which include central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, large groups, financial institutions, government agencies, foreign-funded enterprises and the majority of SMEs and start-ups- with legal risk management services that are comprehensive and cover all legal fields. It has also established good cooperative relations with many large real estate companies, related intermediaries and competent authorities. In order to better serve clients, conduct in-depth research on professional topics, and carefully build a more polished professional, the real estate and construction businesses are divided into several major segments, all led by senior lawyers in related fields.

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Related teams

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  • Real Estate Development

    Focus on professional services and dispute resolution in real estate business areas such as cooperative development, acquisition of land use rights, equity acquisition, project company establishment and development procedures application and approval, and provide customers with one-stop legal services for the entire process of real estate project development, cooperation and transactions.


  • Construction

    Comprehensively cover the legal services in the links of bidding, design, construction, completion, and settlement of the residential buildings, commercial complex, cultural and entertainment projects, public utilities, industrial projects, park construction, and PPP projects. The aforesaid legal services include the full-process services concerning risk prevention and control and dispute resolution in contract planning, bidding consultation, contract review and negotiation, performance management, project claims, acceptance and delivery, project settlement. Furthermore, the strong criminal defense lawyer team can provide criminal defense services in the field of construction. Actively expand legal services for overseas projects, such as the overseas track projects and Crimea airport construction projects contracted by China Railway Sixth Bureau.

  • Real Estate Finance

    Focus on financial legal services in the fields of real estate investment and financing, debt restructuring, and disposal of non-performing assets. Provide customers with investment and financing plan design, legal due diligence, real estate company listing and other services, and provide legal services such as preliminary planning, transaction document review, and legal risk prevention and control for real estate projects or project companies investing and financing through such many forms as private equity, trusts, funds, bond issuance, real estate securitization.

  • Operation and management after real estate investment

    Provide legal advisory services for various real estate companies throughout the year, mainly including commercial real estate companies, pension real estate companies, office and residential property companies, asset-light operation companies, logistics and warehousing companies, hotels, asset management companies, industrial parks or industrial park operators, etc., and provide comprehensive legal services such as legal consultation, contract review,  compliance review for internal system, major event negotiation and risk prevention and control, and front-end legal risk assessment of disputes in corporate operations and management.