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King & Capital Law Firm • Dalian Branch

Beijing King & Capital (Dalian) Law Firm (http://www.kingcapitaldl.com) was established in 2003. "Honesty, Integrity, Customer First, and Respecting Law" are the principles of Beijing King & Capital (Dalian) Law Firm. The King & Capital Dalian branch has successively won such honorary titles as the "Advanced Law Firm in Dalian", "3A Law Firm in Dalian", "Excellent Law Firm in Resolving Contradictions and Disputes", and "The 30 Most Recommended Chinese Engineering Law Firms (Teams) by ENR/Architecture Times in 2011" , “Excellent Law Firm of Liaoning Province”, “Advanced Party Branch in Liaoning Province”, “Employee Rights Protection Base of Dalian”, “Advanced Collective of Law Education in Dalian”, “Excellent Party Branch in Dalian”, "Dalian Non- state-oriented Party Building Demonstration Site", "Outstanding Achievement Law Firm in Dalian Judicial Administration System ".  


The King& Capital Dalian branch has four partners and more than 30 practicing lawyers, all of whom graduated from well-known domestic law schools such as China University of Political Science and Law, Jilin University, Northwest University of Political Science and Law. Overseas students, lawyers with dual education and master's degree or above account for a considerable proportion. They not only have a solid foundation in law, but also have a comprehensive multi-disciplinary education background in liberal arts, sciences, and engineering. Most of them have experience in government agencies and courts. Some lawyers also have worked abroad and are proficient in English. Many lawyers are the directors and members of the Professional Committee of the All China Lawyers Association, with an average age of 36 years old.


The King& Capital Dalian branch is composed of senior and excellent lawyers, and it continues to attract high-quality lawyers to join. After several years of development, the lawyers of King& Capital Dalian branch have a variety of legal qualifications, including qualifications for securities legal business, property rights definition legal business, the legal business of shareholding system transformation, the legal business of bidding of large and medium-sized national infrastructure projects, corporate legal advisers, independent directors of listed companies, etc. In 2007, the Dalian branch was selected as the first batch of bankruptcy administrators determined by the Dalian Intermediate People's Court.


In addition to traditional legal business, King& Capital Dalian branch has also achieved outstanding performance in non-litigation business, especially in finance, corporate shareholding reform, Sino-foreign joint ventures, project financing, securities, futures, intellectual property, maritime affairs, international trade, corporate labor legal risk prevention, construction and real estate, and provided perennial legal services to many large enterprises and government departments.


The Beijing Head Office of King & Capital Law Firm is the solid and reliable support and cornerstone of the legal service business of the Dalian branch, and an excellent team of mutual cooperation and interaction between the head office and the branch in legal services have formed.


Hua Yang, the chief lawyer of the Dalian branch, used to work in the Legal Affairs Office of the Dalian Municipal Government and the Dalian Commodity Exchange. He is now a representative of the 16th People’s Congress of Dalian, the vice president of the Dalian Lawyers Association, a member of the Civil and Commercial Law Professional Committee of the All China Lawyers Association, Executive Director of Liaoning Lawyers Association, Member of Civil Professional Committee, Director of Reward and Punishment Evaluation Committee of Dalian Lawyers Association, Specially Invited Supervisor of Dalian People's Procuratorate, Specially Invited Supervisor of Dalian Intermediate People's Court, Member of Legal Advisory Group of Dalian People's Government, Legal counsel of the Internal and Judicial Committee of Dalian Municipal People's Congress, arbitrator of Dalian Arbitration Commission, member of the Mediation Committee of the Dalian Commodity Exchange Council. He was awarded the titles of "2007 Dalian Excellent Lawyer", "2008 Dalian People's Satisfactory Lawyer", "2011 Excellent Communist Party Member of Liaoning Provincial Judicial Administration System", and "2008-2010 National Excellent Lawyer".


The lawyers of King& Capital Dalian branch actively carry out academic research and theoretical discussion, and pay attention to combining legal professional knowledge with lawyers' practice. In 2006, they edited the book "Legal Practices of Corporate Restructuring and Mergers and Acquisitions", which was published by Law Press. They also participated in the compilation of the book "Lawyer System", published by China University of Political Science and Law Press. The lawyers of the whole firm have published dozens of papers in professional journals above the provincial level.


The King& Capital Dalian branch has established close and friendly cooperative relations with overseas law firms such as law firms in South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, so that the King& Capital Dalian branch can obtain timely assistance from these counterparts when handling client business, and then transfer this assistance to clients .


Abundant human resources, standardized management mechanism, efficient service system, and selfless dedication provide a strong impetus for King& Capital Law Firm. After several years of hard work and development, King& Capital Dalian Branch has a wealth of practice experience, good professional ethics, and a professional and efficient legal service team to provide clients with high-quality and efficient legal professional services. It is constantly showing its vigor and vitality, becoming one of the well-known comprehensive law firms in Dalian, and will move towards a more brilliant tomorrow!


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