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King & Capital Law Firm • Shenzhen Branch

Beijing King & Capital Law Firm Shenzhen Branch-Beijing King & Capital (Shenzhen) Law Firm is a partnership law firm established in July 2000 with the approval of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Justice. It is located at the 17th floor of New China Insurance Tower, No. 171, Mintian Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, with thousands of square meters of office space and advanced office facilities. Currently, it is composed of 18 partners, more than 100 lawyers and supporting staff. Among them, there are 1 doctoral supervisor, 2 juris doctors, and more than 20 masters. They are proficient in English, Japanese, Korean and other foreign languages for legal services.


The business of the King & Capital Shenzhen branch is based in Shenzhen, covering southern China. It is the Shenzhen teaching practice base of Tsinghua University and Jilin University. Adhering to the modern legal service concept of "continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence", the King & Capital Shenzhen branch has now become one of the leading comprehensive law firms in Shenzhen, providing high-quality legal services to domestic and foreign clients with different needs.


Lawyer Hou Zhichun is director of King & Capital Shenzhen branch, partner of King & Capital Law Firm, Bachelor of Laws from Peking University, EMBA from Sun Yat-sen University, vice chairman of Shenzhen Regional Economic Cooperation Promotion Association and deputy director of Legal Affairs Commission of Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Revolutionary Committee. Lawyer Hou Zhichun has extensive work experience in corporate legal business, finance and real estate construction projects. He has served as legal counsel or provided legal services to dozens of enterprises and institutions, including General Electric, Toshiba, Saudi Basic Industries, China Mobile, China Minmetals, China Construction, China Railway Corporation, Qisheng Electric, Great Wall Group, Sino-LIfe Insurance, Meili Paper, Eastern Boiler, Yantian Port Group, Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce, Shenzhen Petrochemical Group and their affiliates. He has represented the country’s first P2P software developer infringement case and Shenzhen’s first confirmed patent non-infringement lawsuit. These two were included in the top ten typical cases of intellectual property trial in Shenzhen, and the judgments have had a positive impact on regulating and safeguarding the normal economic order of intellectual property market.


The partners and main lawyers of the King & Capital Shenzhen branch are all senior lawyers who have been practicing for many years with high professional quality and practice standards. Most of them have work experience in law schools, the system of public security agencies, procuratorates and people's courts, and government departments. Some are well-known scholars or experts in related business, enjoy a large number of academic research results and concurrently hold positions in relevant professional fields, having a certain social impact. Most of the lawyers in the Shenzhen branch have graduated from well-known law schools at home and abroad, and some of them have worked or practiced in famous international law firms. These outstanding legal talents, with their profound and extensive professional knowledge, rich practice experience, extensive social contacts, and solid business capabilities, have laid a solid foundation for Shenzhen branch to provide high-quality legal services to clients.


Relying on the Beijing head office, the King & Capital Shenzhen branch has established standardized management mechanisms and can provide high-quality and efficient services. In terms of legal services, a good situation of resource integration, complementary advantages and mutual cooperation between the head office and local branch offices has formed. In addition, Shenzhen branch has achieved good performance in various business areas. In particular, it has formed its own distinctive service characteristics in the fields of corporate legal business, real estate construction projects, criminal defense, property management, and intellectual property rights. Its outstanding achievements have also been recognized by customers and the society. Furthermore, Shenzhen is adjacent to Hong Kong and has a unique location advantage. The Shenzhen branch has established close and friendly cooperative relations with such services institutions as legal institutions, financial institutions and investment banking firms located in Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States and other countries or regions to share resources and information and better create value for customers.


The King & Capital Shenzhen branch is based in Shenzhen, the forefront of China's special economic zone. After more than ten years of hard work, driven by the influence of some experts and academic lawyers in the firm, the professional quality of departmental lawyers has been continuously improved, and the advantages of teamwork have become increasingly evident. In addition, the scale of the branch office has continued to grow, the "King & Capital Lawyer" with increasingly influence has gradually gained recognition from insiders and outsiders.


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