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Lawyer Wan Xintong Successfully Represent Criminal Cases, Clients Released on Bail Pending Trail
Released on:2020-10-21

Recently,lawyer Wang Xintong of the King&Capital Law Firm has reported frequent good news.The criminal cases she represented have achieved good defense effects and won unanimous praise from the clients and family members.

In October 2020,all clients of a contract fraud case involving nearly 50 million yuan were released on bail pending trial.

In a contract fraud case involving nearly 50 million yuan which has been investigated by the public security organs for nearly 2 years,many suspects were detained.Afterwards,Lawyer Wang Xintong intervened as a defense lawyer.Through the collaboration of King&Capital team,lawyer Wang Xintong overcame the difficulty of meeting under epidemic management,interviewed with the clients,quickly grasped effective case information and collected favorable evidence.During the period of submitting application for arrest,she communicated with the prosecutors in charge many times,and submitted opinions and key evidence.Finally,all clients were released on bail pending trial.

In September 2020,all suspects involved in a case were released after hearing on bail pending trial after one-year detention

Three female defendants were suspected of being involved in intentional assault,and have been detained for one year.The young children in the families missed their mothers,which seriously affected their lives and studies.Lawyer Wang Xintong accepted the entrustment at the first instance and defended for innocence based on the evidence of the whole case and the clients'demands.The court trial was very intense and the effect was good.All three defendants were released on bail pending trial on the second day after the hearing.

In August 2020,in the case of illegally pooling public deposits,the accountant was successfully released on bail pending trial.

In June 2020,in the fraud case involving a huge sum,the client was successfully released on bail pending trial.

In the case of Internet loan fraud,the company executive was involved.After accepting the entrustment,lawyer Wang Xintong submitted an opinion for disapproval of arrest during the review and approval period,emphasizing that based on the division of the company's powers and the client's work content,it could be known that the client did not understand the company's core business content and did not have the subjective knowing elements of the crime of fraud.In the final approval period,the client was successively released on bail pending trial.