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Digital Economy Legal Research Center of King & Capital Law Firm Formally Established
Released on:2020-03-09

During the extraordinary period of the nationwide fight against the covid-19 epidemic,the Digital Economy Legal Research Center("Digital Center")of King&Capital Law Firm was formally established on February 20,2020.The preparation work has been launched since 2019 with the strong support of lawyer Tian Wenchang and King&Capital Management Committee and led by two senior partners,lawyer Liu Jingxia of financial department and Huang Yajun of intellectual department.The team lawyers of Digital Center will use the value advantage of King&Capital brand combining multi-party professional resources,and gather the wisdom and experience of the experts listed in the digital center to make due contributions in the field of digital economy law.


The sudden outbreak of the public health incident caused by covid-19 in 2020 has triggered a large number of new legal issues in the digital economy.The covid-19 epidemic is a huge"black swan".Although it has troubled many traditional industries,the epidemic has also accelerated the use of intelligent solutions to replace the traditional solutions in many industries,such as the accelerated iteration concerning"online shopping"versus"offline shopping","online education"versus"offline education","online office"versus"traditional office","new medical care"versus"traditional medical care","modern governance"versus"traditional governance",and"smart city"versus"traditional city".

The SARS occurred in 2003 gave birth to the surge of PC gaming and online shopping,and the covid-19 epidemic will bring major changes in more industries.From the companies take"One Belt,One Road"and"going out"as a high-growth market outlet and the consumer market and its related industry layout that are rapidly and firmly changed by the mobile Internet,the King&Capital lawyers deeply recognize that the digital economy era based on Internet applications has come.This is a unique product of China and a new advantage for China's future development!

The research and service work of lawyers in this area urgently needs to be strengthened and followed up.On the one hand,the development of the digital economy requires a good legal and policy environment.The legal system formed in the traditional industry and even the agricultural society has been difficult to meet the needs of the development of digital economy.It is urgent for the national legislature to speed up the formulation of laws and regulations concerning big data,cloud computing,Internet of things,artificial intelligence and so on to make the development of digital economy has laws to abide by.On the other hand,it is necessary to accelerate the legislative supervision of information protection and data utilization to form a legal boundary.Therefore,the collection and use of information without the consent of the person being collected shall be prohibited,and the due role of data resources in economic and social development shall be played.

A legal environment for the digital economy with laws to abide by urgently needs to be established.It is imperative to maintain the right of market entities to independently select and obtain digital information,knowledge and services in accordance with the law,and to work together to build a fair,voluntary and open legal environment.

In the context of the vigorous development of the digital economy,the government and industry promote the simultaneous development of the real economy and the digital economy,and step up the deep integration of the Internet,big data,and artificial intelligence with the real economy.In this process,lawyers are the important service force who can guarantee the national digital economy develops in accordance with the law and regulations.

The establishment of the Digital Economy Legal Research Center at the special moment of fighting against the covid-19 epidemic is a positive response to the legal needs of the digital economy.The digital center will uphold the concept of"cross-domain cooperation,internal talents introduction and external linkage,guarantee of compliance and promotion of development"to enhance the service capabilities of the legal,economic,and technological community in the era of co-evolution of the digital economy,platform economy and smart economy.