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Dispute over Construction Contract Represented by King & Capital Wins Support for Prosecutorial Protest
Released on:2020-12-03

After going through a few twists and turns,the dispute over a construction contract represented by King&Capital’s construction lawyers’team won the support for a prosecutorial protest from the People’s Procuratorate of Shandong Province,which lodged a protest to the Shandong Provincial High People’s Court by way of a civil protest(Lu Jian Min Jian[2020]No.37XXXXX)on November 23,2020.

It was after the application for retrial was rejected by the Shandong Provincial High People’s Court that the client came to our construction team for consultation.After several rounds of in-depth communication,the client formed a complete trust relationship with the team and engaged the latter to help it safeguard its legitimate rights and interests through legal means.

During the time of engagement,our team repeatedly studied the facts and legal issues about the case without missing any detail,and communicated many times with the provincial high people’s court and people's procuratorate and Dezhou People's Procuratorate.In addition to communication on the phone,our lawyers also carried out more than 10 field visits to read case-related documents and talk with people who had handled the case.Finally,through relentless efforts,our team lived up to the client’s trust and won support for prosecutorial protest against the original court judgment.

We hope the retrial would end well,and our construction lawyers’team will continue to go all out to protect clients’legitimate rights and interests.