King & Capital Law Firm is founded in 1995. With more than 20 years of steady development, King & Capital not only keeps its leading position nationwide in the field of litigation, but also becomes a well-known comprehensive law firm in China. The headquarters of King & Capital are located in the Centre Business District of Beijing, with more than 5000 sqm’s business space. It has established branches in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Dalian and Tianjin.  Until the end of 2016, King & Capital has around 500 practicing lawyers. Most of its partners and associates graduated from top Chinese or foreign law schools and have practice experiences for more than 8 years, with the ability to provide its clients with high quality legal services.

Litigation is one of the most important business fields of King & Capital. Criminal defence services of King & Capital occupy a leading position in China. It has participated in the defense of many cases with major domestic influence, and actively taken part in the national legislative activities with regard to criminal field. Adhering to its service model “to specialize the lawyer’s work and to build a cooperative team”, King & Capital’s litigation and arbitration team for civil and commercial affair fosters rich experience and skills in case settlement and court appearance, which makes them the representatives of expert and technical lawyers. In the domain of transaction support, King & Capital also plays an outstanding role, and gradually generates its core teams and products respectively focusing on capital market, M&A, fund, family trust, international finance and outbound investment, banking and insurance, securities, and financial litigations, and etc.