The Criminal Defense Team of King & Capital is an elite team of attorneys most of whom have graduated from 1st tier law schools in China and have over many years, developed a profound knowledge of legal history and rich experience in legal practice. They are capably led by the founding partner, Mr. TianWenchangand are supported by “Eight Distinguished Criminal Defense Lawyers ,” Cao Shuchang, Zhu Yonghui, Yang Zhaodong, Han Jiayi, Wang Jiuchuan, Jin Jie, Liu Bo and Liang Yali. Many of these distinguished attorneys have worked in the Chinese judiciary and police departments. We are also happy to confirm that ZouJiaming, Wu Liwei and Li Bin have recently joined our firm to strengthen the team with their wealth of experience and knowledge.
King & Capital is also fortunate to complement its team with expert advisors, such as Jiang Ping, Chen Guangzhong, GaoMingxuan, Fan Chongyi, Zhao Bingzhi, Chen Xingliang, Wang Mingyuan,RuanQilin and Chen Ruihua all from reputable Chinese law schools such as:
●University of Political Science and Law
●Peking University School of Law
●Tsinghua University School of Law
●Renmin University of China Law School.
Given their diverse experience in criminal law, we rely on them to provide sound opinions on complicated and difficult criminal cases providing our clients with a thorough and robust criminal defense not generally available.
We are very proud of the accomplishments of our pre-eminent Criminal Defense Team which has successfully defended many high profile cases across the country including:
●Liu Yong: Charged with organizing and a leading mafia-style syndicate.
●Wu Ying: Charged with illegally raising funds by fraudulent means.
●Huang Guangyu: Charged with illegal business operations, insider trading and bribery.
King & Capital attorneys are passionate and committed to providing the best defense possible while adhering to the tenants of legal precedents and China’s “Rule of Law”. In doing so, we also advocate and are involved in necessary law reform and work co-operatively with the judiciary to improve Criminal Procedural Law focusing on the issue of human rights.
By focusing on the long term, our firm has developed a superior reputation with clients and within the community, which is characterized by high business standards, professionalism and a highly effective defense.

Analytical Charges

  • Conductcrime prevention and criminal risk control training for high-level managers and CEOs, for state owned companies, private domestic and foreign-invested enterprises and other institutions and org
  • During investigations, we meet suspects, investigate and confirm alleged charges, provide legal advice, apply for bail and file petitions and complains to the court on behalf of the defendant
  • During prosecution, we provide on-going communication and consultation to our client, secure and confirm the validity of relevant documents, assess the relevance of vetted evidence, investigate the
  • During the trial and appeal phase, we continue to provide on-going consulting and communication with our client, while securing additional and relevant information. A deeper investigation and the co
  • During the review of the death penalty, additional resources are marshalled to ensure that a complete and thorough investigation has been undertaken, that the sentence handed down by the courts is l
  • The experience of our advisors is extremely importance at this phase as many of them have strong experience in the judiciary, courts and police and can provide guidance to us in filing petitions to
  • Our goal is to always provide a vigorous, thorough and meticulous defense on behalf of our clients in either private or public prosecution cases as well as the protection of “whistle blowers” or those
  • Park Hae Jin: Wins Advertising Dispute (Actor of the TV show, My Love From The Star) Represented by Attorney Jin Yan
  • Li, Jiating: (former Governor of Yunnan Province)Represented by King and Capital at his Trial against Prosecution for Embezzlement and Bribery
  • Mr. Lu: (former Vice Governor of Henan Province) Represented by King and Capital at his Trial against Prosecution for Premeditated Murder
  • Yang Bin: (second wealthiest person in China) Represented by King and Capital at his Trial against Prosecution for False Capital Contribution
  • Liu Yong:Represented at Trial against Prosecution for Organizing, Leading and Participating in Organized Crime Syndicate
  • Wu Ying: (a former female billionaire) Represented by King and Capital at her First, Second Trials against Prosecution for Illegal Fundraising
  • Dixian Textile Co. Ltd.:Chengde City (First Privately Listed Company) Represented against Prosecution for Smuggling Goods
  • DuanHengjie: (Handan, Hebei)Representation against Prosecution for Tax Evasion and Extortion
  • ShanxinJinyu Iron and Steel Co. Ltd.:Representation against Prosecution for Issuing False Invoices for Tax Deduction
  • DuanYihe: (Director of Ji’nan, Shandong Municipal People’s Congress) Representation against Prosecution for Murder
  • Mr. Wanghong: (General Manager of Jinxin Trust-“Delong Case” Representation against Prosecution for Illegal Pooling of Public Funds
  • Yang Yongming: (Xi’an, Shanxi) Representation against Prosecution for Obtaining Property by False Pretenses and Bribery
  • Tag-On Sale Network: First Case of Domestic Copyright Infringement
  • Zhuhai Golden Laser Main Disc Production Co. Ltd.:Successful Defense against Prosecution for Copyright Infringement
  • Wang Xiaoshi: (Deputy Director General of Supervision Department, China Securities Regulatory Commission) Representationagainst Prosecution for Bribery
  • GuoJianxin:(Deputy Director of Department of Justice in Liaoning Province, Director General of Prison Administration) Representation against Prosecution for Bribery
  • Zhang Baoxiang: (Former Director of BaoxiangHebei Export and Import Group) Representation against Prosecution for National Export Tax Return Crimes
  • Deputy Director of Fushun, Liaoning Justice Bureau: Representation against Prosecution for Embezzlement
  • Yang Yongfu: et al Representation against Prosecution for Provincial Cross Border Automobile Theft.
  • Successful Defense for Charges of Illegal Fund Raising by Fraudulent Means
  • Successful Defense for Operatinga Business Illegally and Corporate Bribery
  • Successful Defense of Corporate Executives of Xin like Corporation Charged with Embezzlement
  • Successful Re-Trial Defense by Attorney Liu Bo
  • Successful Exclusion of Illegal Evidence: Violation of Video Recording Rules
  • Successful Wrongful Sentencing for Bribery
  • Successful Defense of Principal Charged with Causing Death during a Gang Fight
  • Successful Defense of a Lawyer Charged with Fraud
  • Successful Defense of a Lawyer Charged with Falsifying Documents
  • Successful Defense of a Senior Reporter Charged with Fraud
  • Successful Reduction in Criminal Change from Illegal Drug Transportation to Illegal Drug Possession
  • Successful State Compensation Award after 8 Years: Wrongful Confiscation of Property
  • Successful Mitigation of Punishment for Defendant Charged with Contract Fraud in South-to-North Water Diversion Project
  • Successful Not-Guilty Plea in the Case of Li Guoqing’s Intentional Homicide during Organized Crime Syndicate Case in Yangjiang, Guangdong
  • Acquittal of Deputy General Manager of China Great Wall Wine Co. Ltd. from Prosecution for Securing Bank Loans through Fraud
  • Successful Mitigation of Punishment from Death Penalty to a Two-Year Suspension of Execution in Drug Smuggling and Transportation Case
  • Successful Judgment and Immediate Release from Jail for CEO of Shenzhen Sanjiu Corporation Group for Abuse of Power
  • Successful Not Guilty Verdict of GuoQingyun from Prosecution for Intentional Battery Resulting in Death
  • Successful Judgment Reversal in the Case of a Battered Wife for Husband’s Murder
  • Successful Defense of Former Deputy Director General of Qingdao Ocean Shipping Company for Embezzlement

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