The latest version of "Administrative Procedural Law" was putinto effect on May 1, 2015 along with “the Judicial Interpretation of the Supreme People's Court on Administrative Procedural Law". It’s purpose is to provide a framework for a more efficient process in overcomingfiling obstacles, hearing administrative cases as well as implementing judicial rulings. It also contributes to safeguarding litigant's rights, enhancing the judiciary and improving the evidence system of administrative litigation. Thus it provides a more solid foundation for legal administration, standardizing administrative law enforcement while protecting the rights of all persons.
King & Capital has a unique advantage in the field of administrative litigation given its accumulated wealth of experience, the establishment of a strong and capable litigation team offering a full range of legal services. Many members of the team have served in senior positions in administrative bodies giving them a better insight into the organization and management of government departments.
In its goal to maintain the highest level of service for its clients, continued research and monitoring of the progress of current administration litigation cases, remains an on-going pursuit for this skilled group of attorneys. Its business scope focuses on administrative review and litigation in a wide range of fields but not limited to corporate management, eminent domain, real estate, construction, intellectual property, environment and resources, anti-dumping and taxation.

Scope of Practice

  • Administrative Review: Petition for administrative review on government actions such as administrative punishment, restrictive measures, licensing, omission and other areas.
  • Administrative Litigation: File cases on behalf of clients in the areas of eminent domain, real estate, construction, intellectual property rights, environment and resources, antitrust, anti-dumpling.
  • State Compensation: Provide representation toindividuals, entities or other organizations in seeking compensatory damages caused by illegal behavior of state administrative departments and their emplo
  • In 2015-2016, the Beijing Municipal Government chose King & Capital to provide annual legal services for its departments and agencies
  • Represented PensionerRegarding the Revocation of Old-Age Insurance Approvalby Municipal Authorities
  • Our firm has filedComplaints concerning the Transfer of State-owned Equity
  • Shareholder’s Dispute due to Wrongful Registration of Equity Change of HuiZhongTianHeng Investment Co. Ltd.
  • Compensation Case with respect toProperty Seized during the Cultural Revolution
  • Illegal Forfeiture of Land Usage Rights
  • Trademark Dispute Filed by Shanghai Zhenghua Pesticide Co., Ltd.
  • Patent Administration Dispute
  • Mining Dispute over Frozen Exploration Rights in Benxi County
  • Ownership Dispute over a Shopping Mall
  • Judicial Compensation Case
  • Administrative Litigation Case of VW Emblem Factory, Bin Zhou City, Shandong Province
  • Illegal Seizure of Property
  • Patent Administrative Litigation of Chaozhou Jin Yuan Battery Co. Ltd.
  • Petition Case with respect to Revocation of Demolition License against Chong Wen District Real Estate Management and Supervision Bureau
  • Petition Case of Revocation of Permit of Construction Land Planning against Beijing Municipal Planning Committee
  • Beijing GuokaiTengda Investment Co. Ltd. vs. Beijing Daxing District Qingyun Dian County Government (Administrative Review, Litigation and Compensation)
  • Real Estate Ownership Dispute
  • Lawsuit against Beijing Daxing Administration for Industry & Commercial with respect to Revocation of Approval of Change of Registration
  • Real Estate Registration Dispute
  • Administrative Petition Case of Hangzhou Jinwei Industrial Co. Ltd.
  • Administrative Litigation Case against Capital Airport Branch of Beijing Public Security Bureau
  • Administrative Review Case of BeihaiHuandao Real Estate Development Company against Beihai Municipal Land & Resources Bureau
  • Administrative Litigation against National Trademark Review and Adjudication Board
  • Law suit against Beijing Changping District Bureau of Construction for Revocation of Registration of Transfer of Real Estate
  • Beijing Aerospace Changfeng Co. Ltd. Filed Administrative Litigation against Patent Reexamination Board of State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C.
  • China Life Real Estate Investment and Management Co. Ltd. Petitioned Administrative Review against Beijing Chaoyang Branch of State Taxation Bureau
  • Beijing Wan Jia Li Food Co. Ltd. Filed Administrative Litigation against Fengtai Branch of Beijing Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce
  • Administrative Lawsuit against Daxing District Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Committee
  • Administrative Lawsuit with respect to Work-related Injury Appraisal and Identification with Marsh (Beijing) Insurance Broker Co., Ltd.
  • Lawsuit against Beijing Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Committee for revocation of Real Estate Registration
  • Administrative Lawsuit against Trademark Review and Adjudication Board of State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C for Invalidating the Registered Trademark
  • Tianjin Hongdi Engineering Testing Development Co., Ltd. Filed Administrative Review against Tianjin Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau
  • Lawsuit against State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C in First Intermediate People’s Court of Beijing for the Patent Decision of His Invention of a Pressure Cooker

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