The environment and resources business of King & Capital is composed primarily of environmental infringement lawsuits and mining and resource based legal cases.
Our seasoned Environment and Resources Department is led by two capable senior lawyers, Xiao, Shuwei and Han Ling who have a great deal of experience in the area of complex mining acquisitions and capital funding in China and overseas. In response to the development of Chinese environmental pollution controls and the establishment of environmental resource tribunal under the Supreme Court, King & Capital Law Firm have engaged the services of two additional senior lawyers with strong experience in environmental ligation and the settlement of resource disputes.

Scope of Practice

  • On behalf of an environmental protection organization, we were requested to investigate, collect evidence, organize and represent our client in a public environmental protection lawsuit
  • Represented an accused enterprise in an infringement lawsuit related to environmental contamination
  • Defended prosecuted entities and persons accused of environmental protection crimes
  • Mining rights dispute advocates
  • Contractual disputes over a mining company’s share transfer, funding, acquisition, contracting, leasing and joint venture
  • Dispute over prospecting rights, assignment, leasing and the mortgage of mining rights
  • Legal services for investment, financing and advice on legal risk of mining resources
  • Providing legal services for a mining companies for the acquisition and transfer of stock ownership
  • Providing legal advice, due diligence, contract review and attending negotiation to a Chinese mining company inviting foreign investment
  • Provide introduction to foreign mining laws, advice on risks and recommend agreement structure for China enterprises investing overseas
  • Provide legal advice to a Chinese company concerning environmental protection and advice against legal risk
  • Develop company framework and contract system related to the funding of the construction of an environmental protection project
  • Acquisition of Erdos Huangyuchuan Coal Mine
  • Projects of 400,000T PVC and Power Plant of Shenghua Group, Huayi Group and Elion Group
  • Inner Mongolia Wind Power Generation Project of Dadong Energy Co. Ltd.
  • Acquisition of Jiukeshu Coal Mine
  • Acquisition Project of Baogang Group
  • Huhhot Water Treatment Project
  • Acquisition Juyou Group by Mongolian Iron Ore
  • Dispute over Mining Rights by Individual Coal Mines in Benxi, Liaoning
  • Changping Land Acquisitions Project in Dongguan, Guangdong
  • Acquisition of Dabei Coal Mine
  • Dispute over the Equity of Qipanjing Coal Mine

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