The King & Capital Finance Division has organized a highly qualified financial team in collaboration with the Capital Market Research Centre of Nankai University, to customize a legal framework resolution system for the structural investment and financing of financial institutions and enterprises. This was also developed to provide legal services and design wealth management frameworks for high net worth individuals. The Finance Division provides legal advice on the development of financial services and has created a suite of legal services designed to minimize the legal risk for companies and individuals domestically and overseas.
The unique feature of the King and Capital’s finance team is the high academic training of its lawyers and advisors from famous law schools in China and abroad. In addition to their peerless legal training, all members of the team have varied professional backgrounds in finance, senior management, international trade, with experience in large financial projects and legal services using English as the legal language. Their clients include banks, trusts, securities houses, insurance companies, investment funds, listed companies and other financial institutions.

Scope of Practice

Investment Funds
Investment Funds
International Finance and Foreign Investment
International Finance and Foreign Investment
Banking and Insurance
Banking and Insurance
Security Market Innovation
Security Market Innovation
Financial Crime and Litigation
Financial Crime and Litigation
  • Banking
  • Trusts
  • Capital Markets
  • Overseas Investment
  • Securities and Stock Market
  • Financial Litigation
  • Southern Jiangxi: Provide legal services to develop a fund to raise RMB 30 billion to revitalize an industrial area
  • Hebei: Provide legal services to develop an investment fund to raise RMB 20 billion for the establishment of a Hebei coastal industry
  • Zhengzhou Jinshui Rural Credit Union: Acted for the bank in a financial dispute
  • Lanzhou: Developed an investment fund to raise RMB 10 billion for the New Area Industry Area
  • King & Capital Law Firm acted as the special legal adviser to P2P platform ""
  • Provided overall legal services for the establishment of the RMB 20 billion Guangxi Beibuwan industry investment fund
  • Provided overall legal services for the establishment of the RMB 30 million Zhongyuan Airport industry investment fund
  • Provided legal services for the listing and transfer of Xinghe Stocks in the National Equities Exchange
  • Provided legal services for the equity listing and transfer of Cinda Real Estate in the Changchun Property Rights Transaction Centre
  • Special legal adviser for a CITIC trust
  • Permanent Legal Advisor for the Hanjin (Tianjin) Equity Investment Fund Management Co. Ltd.
  • Renewed the Agreement as Legal Adviser with CITIC Head Office
  • Lawyer Han Liang leading a team acting in the shipping fund of RMB 20 billion and the largest venture capital fund in China
  • Provided legal services for the first lease financing company in Tianjin, Tianjin Mining Exchange
  • With the establishment of the Family Trust Law Centre, King & Capital was the first agency in China to be involved with family trust law
  • Provided legal services for international foreign investment project with China State Development Bank and China-Africa Fund
  • Developed the Articles of Incorporation for the Hong Kong listed company, Qinhuangdao Port Corporation
  • King & Capital has also provided legal services to many well known Chinese families in cases of suspected securities insider trading and corporate bribery

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