Capital Markets is one of the first areas of law practiced by King and Capital and as such, the lawyers in this division have a great deal of experience in securities legal services with each lawyer averaging ten years in this specialty. These securities experts have been involved as management consultants to help clients solve a wide range of challenging problems.
The lawyers in this division have varying backgrounds undertaking judicial work for public security, in the courts, criminal and civil procedures thus providing them with the foundation to provide relevant legal services for the prevention and control of criminal risks.
Clients Include:
●People's Bank of China Head Office
●ICBC Head Office
●China Everbright Bank Head Office
●BOC Head Office
●Hua Xia Bank Head Office
●China Minsheng Bank Head Office
●Bank of Communications
●China International Trust Investment Corporation
●CCB Beijing Branch
●ABC Beijing Branch
●BOC Hong Kong Branch
●Beijing Bank
●China Galaxy Securities Co. Ltd.
●Everbright Securities Co. Ltd.
●CITIC Securities Co. Ltd.
●Beijing Securities Co. Ltd.
●China Huarong Asset Management Company
●China Orient Asset Management Corporation
●China Cinda Asset Management Co. Ltd.
●Ministry of Commerce
●Ministry of Culture
●China Securities Regulatory Commission
●Ministry of Finance
●National Center for Comprehensive Agricultural Development Review
●Venture Capital Association Beijing
●ZOL Technology Property Right Exchange

Scope of Practice

Capital Market and New Business
Capital Market and New Business
Inbound and Outbound Investment
Inbound and Outbound Investment
Inbound and Outbound Finance
Inbound and Outbound Finance
IPO and New OTC Market
IPO and New OTC Market
Credit Management Service
Credit Management Service
  • Carrying on due diligence
  • Drafting listing documents for company transferring into joint stock entity
  • Improving corporate governance structures
  • Regulating company operations
  • Providing directors, supervisors and officers with direction prior to company listing
  • Issuing legal opinion for company’s public listing and public transfer
  • Conducting legal examinations and issuing legal opinions for refinancing of listed companies
  • Provide legal witness services at company Annual General Meetings (AGM)
  • Germany Thyssen Krupp Company: Tendering Complaint Process
  • Beijing Branch of China Everbright Bank: Due diligence project of non-performing assets of 12 enterprises
  • Beijing Branch of China Everbright Bank: Dispute over privately offering financing products
  • China Everbright Bank: Issuing legal advice to Zhuhai and Guangzhou Branchs re: private offering
  • CGNPC Group: Rights investment plan of RMB 30 billion for a nuclear power project with Tpasset
  • China Everbright Bank: Disposal project of non-performing asset of RMB 14.2 billion prior to listing
  • China Everbright Bank: Business Procedures legal examination project
  • China Guodian Corporation: Equity project of RMB 5 billion planned to be invested by Tpasset
  • China Minmetals Corporation: Equity investment project of RMB 500 million in Tianjin offshore new area
  • Everbright Securities acquisition of Tianyi Securities
  • Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile Company Ltd.: Syndicated loan with BOC
  • Hefei Urban Investment Company: Asset securitization project
  • China Orient Asset Management Corporation: Repackage disposal project of non-performing asset of RMB 1 billion
  • China Orient Asset Management Corporation and Jiangyang Shipping Corporation: Obligation rights
  • Everbright Securities and Shanghai Eastday: Appeal of dispute over commissioned financing
  • China Everbright Bank Head Office: Hearing on Beijing Customs taxation
  • Changjiang Securities and Hua Xia Bank: Dispute over deposit receipt
  • Everbright Securities and Zhongshan Public Utilities Group: Rehearing of dispute over securities trading
  • Everbright Securities and Capital Co. Ltd.: Dispute over securities trading
  • Guangxi Liuzhou Nonferrous Metallurgy Company: Appeal
  • BOC and Hopes Real Estate Company: Dispute over mortgages
  • China Everbright Bank and Xinmao Company: Arbitration of dispute over loans
  • Orient Asset Management Corporation and Cinda Asset Management Corporation: Dispute over loan mortgage between
  • Orient Asset Management Company and Tea & Hemp Import and Export Company: Dispute over loan mortgage
  • King & Capital acting successfully in the appeal of Germany Thyssenkrupp Company re: a RMB 100 million for industrial equipment

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