US Citizen Appears in Beijing Court Charged With Counterfeiting Registered Trademarks.

Time:2012-05-11 Source: The Author:Zhu Yonghui Browse: Print Font Size:T|T

  On March 29, 2012, proceedings opened in the Beijing Second Intermediate People's Court in the case of a US citizen charged with counterfeiting registered trademarks. Zhu Yonghui, Partner of King and Capital is leading the defense.


  The Second Branch of the Beijing People's Procuratorate charged the defendant with conspiracy to produce counterfeit commodities bearing registered trademarks without the permission of the owners in violation of  Article 213 of the criminal code. The goods involved total 2.72 million RMB, which makes the case especially serious.


  Zhu Yonghui appeared for the accused “F.” He submitted relevant evidence and materials and entered a plea of not guilty. His reasons were that the facts were not clear, the evidence was insufficient and the available evidence could not prove that F had participated in the alleged criminal activity.


  In the hearing, the prosecutor and the defender vigorously argued a number on issues including whether there was factual evidence of counterfeiting, the amount and value of the suspected counterfeit commodities bearing the registered trademarks, and especially whether F had participated in the suspected criminal activity. The trail, which was scheduled to finish in the morning, did not end until 5 p.m.


  Since the defendant is a U.S. citizen, the case has attracted the close attention of U.S. Embassy. Before the opening of the trial, officials were sent by the U.S. Embassy to acquire relevant information, and conferred with the accused.


  The hearing was adjourned.