China-Malawi Business Forum held at King&Capital

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Scene of the Forum

On March 17th, 2014, China-Malawi Business Forum was held at King&Capital. The Forum was jointly initiated by the Malawi Investment and Trade Center (hereinafter referred to as “MITC”) and the Malawi Embassy in China. The Forum was hosted by the organizing committee of China-Africa Industrial Cooperation and Development Forum, and undertaken by the Africa Legal Affairs Center of King&Capital. The Forum mainly covered mining, agriculture, food production, manufacturing, energy, infrastructure construction (ICT and transportation), tourism industries and etc.

Present at the Forum were the Malawi Ambassador to China, H.E. Ernest Makawa; the Secretary-General of the China-Africa Industrial Cooperation and Development Forum, Mr. Chen Zhigang; the chief executive officer of MITC, Mr. Clement Kumbemba; the honorary chairman of Chinese Research Society of African Affairs, and the former China Ambassador to Kenya and Namibia, Mr. An Yongyu; the former China Ambassador to Ivory Coast, Mr. Liu Lide; the vice president of Foundation for China International Studies, and the former China Ambassador to Kenya and Jamaica, Mr. Guo Chongli; and a group of over 100 from the members of Investment Promotion Agency of MITC and Malawi Business Delegation, as well as famous Chinese entrepreneurs.


Malawi Ambassador to China, H.E. Ernest Makawa


The Malawi Ambassador to China, H.E. Ernest Makawa gave the welcoming speech, in which he asserted that since the establishment of the China-Malawi diplomatic relationship, the two countries have jointly witnessed the tremendous growth in the world economy and increasing communication between the two countries; and the Malawi Government welcomed Chinese investors to invest in Malawi, furthering the cooperation between the two countries.
The Secretary-General of China-Africa Industrial Cooperation and Development Forum, Mr. Chen Zhigang stated that since China and Malawi established diplomatic ties, governmental and commercial exchanges had been constantly increasing and the two counties had stepped into their best time for cooperation. He explained that as early as ten years ago, Chinese enterprises started to invest in Malawi; and the arrival of the Malawi Business Delegation today would facilitate more Chinese enterprises to invest and develop in Malawi. He said that the forum today was a good start and he wished that more intentions for cooperation would be agreed at the Forum.

Mr. Esther Mwimba of MITC made a brief introduction of the current steady growth of Malawi economy and other countries’ incentive policies. China and Malawi had a broad cooperative foundation, and Malawi was a predominantly agrarian country, opening wide opportunities for Chinese enterprises to invest in its agriculture industry; in addition, cooperation possibilities also existed in the communication, tourism, and energy industries.


Partner Han Liang from King&Capital

Finally, Partner Han Liang from King&Capital gave a quick introduction about the Africa Legal Affairs Center to the guests and entrepreneurs present, the procedure for Chinese enterprises interested in overseas investment and the legal issues related to investment in Malawi. Furthermore, Attorney Han also presented the “Legal Guidelines on Investment in Africa by 22 countries” accomplished by the Africa Legal Affairs Center, which will provide strong legal support for Chinese enterprises to invest in Africa hopefully.

In the forum, all attendees conducted group discussions and project-matching. The entrepreneurs from China and Malawi have reached several substantive project cooperation intentions.


Mr. Rodrick Chattaika from Malawi airport development co., LTD and Chinese representatives


 Mr. Henrie Njoloma from Malawi Green Belt Initiative CO., Ltd., Malawi Ambassador H.E. Ernest Makawa to China and Chinese representatives


Mrs. Unique Wachepa from Malawi Joyce Banda President Foundation and Chinese Representatives

Atty. Tian Wenchang, Atty. Huang Yonghua, and Atty. Zhou Zhenguo from King&Capital attended the Forum and took pictures with the representatives present.


 (Left to right) Mr. Liu Lide, Mr. An Yongyu, Mr. Chen Zhigang, H.E. Ernest Makawa, Mr. Joshua Nthakomwa, Mr. Hilaria Chibwana, Mr. Tian Wenchang, Mr. Huang Yonghua, and Mr. Zhou Zhenguo