Los Angeles Times interviewed Wu Liwei of King&Capital regarding Jaycee Chan’s drug-related case

Time:2014-10-16 Source: The Author:Wu Liwei Browse: Print Font Size:T|T

Recently, Wu Liwei, Partner of King&Capital, represented Li Daimo, a singer star, in a drug-related case, and mentioned that although the number of drug-related cases has risen these past years, generally speaking, the incidence of drug-related crimes is not growing significantly. The reason that the public mistakenly holds that the incidence of drug-related crimes is growing is that more and more public figures become subjects of the crime. Nevertheless, Attorney Wu said that he is not in opposition to the publicity of crimes of the public figures, since it will leave a deep impression on the public and their fans, popularizing law while serving as a warning to public. Attorney Wu takes that if Jaycee Chan plead guilty to a better attitude and decides to actively cooperate with the police to make investigation, then he might be punished more leniently to no more than 3 year sentence. However, the details of this case are scarce and it is difficult to render any judgment on the case.


Wu Liwei