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US Federal Supreme Court Justice Alito Visited King & Capital
Released on:2017-02-13

In the morning of September 15, 2016, which is also the date of Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, Justice Samuel Alito of the Federal Supreme Court of the United States visited King & Capital Law Firm Beijing office. This is the first and only visit of Justice Alito to a Chinese law firm since he arrived in China half a month before.


Justice Alito and the King & Capital lawyers had a broad and in-depth exchange of views on 5 issues, namely "Conflicts Between Lawyers and Judges", "the Right to Access to Case Files and other Difficulties Chinese Lawyers are Facing", "Behaviours of Lawyers that are Respected in Courts", "Mr. Justice’s Overall Impression on Chinese Lawyers", and "Personnel Turnover of Chinese and US Lawyers, Prosecutors and Judges".

More than 30 lawyers from King & Capital, including Mr. Tian Wenchang, Catherine Guo, Mr. Jin Jie, Ms. Zou Jiaming, Ms. Liang Yali, Mr. Liu Ming, Ms. Liu Jingxia, and Mr. Chen Yu attended the exchange. At last, Justice Alito wrote to King & Capital, “ I wish you all the best in serving justice.”