King & Capital Defend Clients of Forming A Criminal Syndicate

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[Case Introduction]

As accused leaders of a criminal syndicate, the case of Lin and Xu was one of the most serious cases of organized crime in China and involved a three year investigation by the Public Security Bureau. Charges included homicide, intentional injury, opening casinos, tax evasion, illegal business operations, fraud and extortion and stemmed from the operation a Mafia style syndicate in Guangdong for over ten years. This was one of largest cases in King and Capital’s history and involved 47 defendants, 21 charges including 5 homicides. Based on the initial presentation of the charges, it was a commonly held belief that Lin would receive the death penalty with immediate execution.
Based on a presentation of material evidence, Lin and Xu started to work together to collect a gambling date back in 1992 which turned into a homicide for the debtor. Based on King and Capital’s rigorous defense, Lin was cleared of direct involvement in this crime and received a 2 year suspended death sentence which was later commuted to a life. King and Capital was also able to prove that Lin and Xu did not collude together as a crime syndicate and that the majority of the crimes in particular the homicides were the undertaken by Xu and his group. Methodically analyzing each purported link between Lin and Xu, King and Capital lawyers successfully de-linked the relationship between Lin and Xu, resulting in less onerous charges for Lin.
In the written judgment of the Yangjiang Intermediate People's Court, the judges spoke highly of King and Capital’s work on this case –“The defender put forward many insightful points of view on the fact-finding and law applicable to this case and conducted a careful clarification of the facts. This offered an important reference to determine the facts of this case and apply the law correctly”.