China National Petroleum Corporation Approves and Selects King & Capital Law Firm as Legal Counsel

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  The China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) has selected King & Capital Law Firm as their attorneys to represent it in dispute resolution matters.   King & Capital has received recently the “Winning Bid Notice” as official notification of the firm’s selection among the many bids placed by leading law firms in China.  With the official notification, King & Capital Law Firm will join a pool of approved legal counsel to handle CNPC’s legal matters requiring outside counsel.

Mr. Xiao Shuwei

  CNPC is a wholly state-owned company. CNPC explores, produces, refines and sells crude oil and natural gas, in addition to manufacturing equipment, providing engineering and construction service, offering oil field services and exploring and developing new energy.  With such broad and integrated activities, coupled with its worldwide diversification efforts made in recent years, has catapulted CNPC to being ranked third in overall rankings among the world’s top 50 petroleum companies, and fourth in the Fortune Global 500 List.

  King & Capital Law Firm’s successful bid was largely due to the strong leadership of Mr. Xiao Shuwei, Senior Partner of the Finance Department.   Mr. Xiao was supported by lawyer Yang Kun and a dedicated team of lawyers which helped prepare the winning bid.  With Mr. Xiao’s able leadership and support from his dedicated team of lawyers, CNPC designated King & Capital Law Firm in its First-Class Candidate List of Law Firms.