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King & Capital Attorneys Successfully Defend High Profile Entrepreneur and Business Executive against a Criminal Charge with a No Prosecution Decision
Released on:2020-05-14

King & Capital attorneys achieved a significant victory at defending a high-profile entrepreneur and business executive, Zhang, in a high-stakes criminal lawsuit.   In June 2019, the Public Security Bureau (PSB) detained Zhang, chairman of a well-known private enterprise, for suspicion of committing a crime. The detention caused significant disruption to Zhang and his company at a critical time-while he was leading his company in a sensitive phase of a substantial merger transaction.  This May, King & Capital attorney Zhu Yonghui, including his intern Wang Zina, finally obtained Zhang's release.  Zhu's successful defense of Zhang resulted in the people's procuratorates reversing their decision to prosecute.

Attorney Zhu's successful defense was mainly due to his thorough and meticulous efforts - collecting and reviewing the evidence. Since Zhang's engagement of the King & Capital law firm last year, Zhu began an extensive discovery of all evidence.  He and his team visited Zhang at the detention center over ten times, conducted numerous interviews with him and others, and had pored through volumes of company documents.  With a thorough understanding of the evidence, Zhu concluded the people's procuratorates had no case.

Attorney Zhu undertook two relief measures. Immediately following his engagement, he applied twice to the PSB for a change of detention measures citing detention was unnecessary. Also, Zhang argued that the evidence did not support the arrest. This application was eventually approved. Last October, shortly before National Day, the prosecutor allowed Zhang free on bail from police custody, pending the prosecution phase.

Next, already concluding from his factual investigation and analysis of the evidence that Zhang had committed no crime, Zhu had the prosecution carefully reconsider its case. Zhu began negotiating with the prosecutor and preparing detailed Submissions for the prosecutor's consideration of its case and the underlying evidence.  Zhu even had the prosecutor return the case twice to the PSB to conduct supplemental investigations to re-examine its previous findings. Zhu’s criminal defense strategy at having the people's procuratorates retrace its investigation and review all the evidence worked. On May 8, 2020, the People's Procuratorate finally adopted counsel's submissions and decided not to prosecute Zhang.

King & Capital's criminal attorneys and litigation team had skillfully put together and implemented an effective defense strategy. As a result, King & Capital has proven Zhang's innocence and at the same time allowed Zhang to manage and reorganize his business successfully. The result exemplifies the kind of dedication and works King & Capital's lawyers strive for its clients.

About our Attorney - Zhu Yonghui

Zhu Yonghui is a partner of King and Capital specializing in financial and taxation law in civil and criminal aspects. He is a leading authority and an expert on criminal proceedings and courtroom techniques and has published standard textbooks on legal procedures. He has undertaken extensive research on criminal law defense and succeeded in winning many significant criminal cases for domestic and foreign clients. Frequently, China Central Television has featured Zhu and interviewed him on its show "Daily Comment."  Numerous newspapers and publications, including "The Legal Daily,” "Chinese Newsweek," and other leading media, have written articles about Zhu and his successful cases.