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Lawyers Li Zhiguang,Ye Jing Successfully Defend, Client of Misappropriation of Public Funds not Approved for Arrest on the 37th Day
Released on:2020-09-30

Recently,lawyers Li Zhiguang and Ye Jing of King&Capital Law Firm accepted an appointment as defenders for the client of the case of misappropriation of public funds.After intervening in the case,the two lawyers actively carried out their defense work.On the last day of the"golden rescue period",the client was not approved for arrest,and the lawyers realized an effective defense.

At present,with regard to minor criminal cases,there are phenomena in our country such as"arrest when the crime is constituted",the high rate of light sentence after arrest,and excessively high rate of detention,especially the rate of pretrial detention.Therefore,a bail pending trial or not approving for arrest usually means that the client will no longer be detained,laying the foundation for later application for withdrawal of the case,non-prosecution of the case,exemption from punishment when convicted,and probation.

After accepting the entrustment,lawyers Li Zhiguang and Ye Jing interviewed with the client immediately and grasped the basic situation of the case.In the investigation stage,case materials are a process of"from scratch".The investigators collect and retrieve evidence materials related to the case,and use the evidence materials to restore the facts of the case.In the investigation stage,the defense lawyers are relatively in a passive defense state because they have not yet checked the case files.According to the meeting,Lawyers Li Zhiguang and Ye Jing decided to“take the initiative”,and started to collect all kinds of evidence that were beneficial to the client,assist the family members to communicate with the leaders of the client’s work unit,actively submit evidence,and timely feedback to the person who took charge of the case.In the end,the procuratorate adopted the defense lawyers’opinion and made a decision not to approve the arrest of the client suspected of misappropriating public funds,and the client was released.

"Professionalism and earnest"is the consistent defense style of King&Capital lawyers.No case can be successful without the hard study and bold practice.In criminal defense,King&Capital lawyers are always on the road.