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Lawyers Xu Wei,Chen Fangfang Successfully Defend, Client of Fraud Case not Approved for Arrest on the 37th Day
Released on:2020-10-19

Recently,lawyers Xu Wei and Chen Fangfang of King&Capital Law Firm accepted an entrustment as defenders for the client being involved in a fraud case.After intervening in the case,the two lawyers actively carried out their defense work.On the last day of the"golden rescue period",the client was not approved for arrest,and the lawyers realized an effective defense.

After accepting the entrustment,lawyers Xu Wei and Chen Fangfang interviewed with the client immediately and grasped the basic situation of the case.They found that the investigative agency had determined the nature of the case erroneously,and mischaracterized the civil dispute caused by the epidemic as a criminal offence.In order to demonstrate the accuracy of the opinion,the defenders took the initiative to collect a large amount of materials and have done further analysis and research on the case.

After the investigating agency submitted the case to the procuratorate for approval of arrest,and based on the situation of the interview and active understanding,the defenders rendered the legal opinion of the investigating agency determining the nature of this case erroneously to the procuratorate,pointed out the other favorable circumstances under that the suspect should not be approved for arrest,and proposed to change the concerning compulsory measures.

Finally,the procuratorate adopted the defenders'legal opinion on the nature of the case.On the last day of the"golden rescue period",it made a decision not to approve the arrest of this suspect and other suspects in the same case.

At present,there are still disputes between the prosecution and the defenders on determining the nature of case.The defender needs to clarify the important facts of the case,collect necessary materials,and persuade the staff in charge through rigorous and orderly arguments.