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Environment, Energy and Resources Law Research Center of King & Capital Law Firm Established
Released on:2020-08-20

The construction of ecological civilization is a fundamental plan related to the sustainable development of the Chinese nation.Ecological protection is a major social issue related to people's livelihood and well-being.Adhering to the harmonious coexistence of man and nature and treating the ecological environment like treating life are the objective requirements of the times.

During the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed that"green water and mountains are equivalent to golden and silver mountains,putting ecological civilization construction in the overall position of reform,development and modernization,and firmly implementing the new development concept."The lawyers of King&Capital Law Firm earnestly studied the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,and actively prepared the environment,energy and resources law research center.With the strong support of lawyer Tian Wenchang and the King&Capital Management Committee,lawyer Li Bo of environmental department,lawyer Meng Bing of real estate department,lawyer Wang Jiuchuan of criminal proceedings department and lawyer Xiao Shuwei of financial department jointly take the initiative to form a team of professional lawyers,uniting professional resources and gathering the wisdom and experience of experts from the Center for Environment,Energy and Resources.Based on this,the Environment,Energy and Resources Law Research Center of King&Capital Law Firm was established on August 20,2020.

Ecological protection is an arduous task and has a long way to go.The sustainable development is challenged by serious environmental pollution,degraded ecosystems,over-exploitation of natural resources and inefficient use of energy.Some key river basins and sea areas have been polluted seriously,the air pollution in some regions and cities is evident,rural environment suffers continuous pollution,garbage besieges cities and water bodies are frequently tainted by pollutants.Such environmental problems that outbreak continuously pose a serious threat to human survival and development.

During the preparation period,the lawyers team of Environment,Energy and Resources Law Research Center paid close attention to key social issues in the field of environment,energy and resources,conducted in-depth investigations into the legal issues concerning air pollution prevention,soil pollution prevention,water pollution prevention,and marine environmental protection and played an active role in promoting the intelligent and clean transformation of traditional industries in the legal service practice.Furthermore,taking advantage of King&Capital's multidisciplinary expertise in the fields of environment,resources,energy,management and law,they actively explored the new ways of assuming responsibilities,such as labor compensation and replanting and restoration of vegetation,conducted in-depth research on the legal and policy issues concerning the evidence system of environmental resource cases,professional facts finding rules,distribution of burden of proof,expert witness system,punitive compensation mechanism,etc.,and strengthened attention to citizens’environmental rights and linkage mechanisms of the environmental justice and administrative enforcement to play the role of think tanks.

The establishment of the King&Capital Environment,Energy and Resources Law Research Center is a positive response to"Beautiful China".The Center upholds the concept of"openness,cooperation,and innovation",and works with all sectors of society to practice the new concept of green development and jointly build a beautiful China.