King and Capital Retained as Long-Term Legal Adviser to the Actors’ and Actresses’ Committee of the Chinese Radio and Television Association

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On the afternoon of May 8, 2012, the King and Capital office was star-studded when more than two dozen A-list film and television celebrities including Wang gang, Sarina, and Pan Changjiang, led by Tang Guoqiang, Chairman of the Actors’ and Actresses’ Committee of the Chinese Radio and Television Association, gathered to attend the official appointment of King and Capital’s Tian Wenchang and Yang Damin, Director and partner respectively, as its long-term legal advisers.


At the ceremony, Tang Guoqiang and Tian Wenchang signed the agreement and Yang Damin received the letter of appointment presented by Zhang Ge, Secretary-General of the ACCRTA, and the both of the two parties toasted the beginning of good cooperation.


Mr. Tang Guoqiang also presented King and Capital his calligraphy work “法惠艺苑” (meaning “legality benefits artists and writers”). Tang Guoqiang said that both ACCRTA and King and Capital would assist the actors individually and as a group, and that retaining legal advisers would help ACCRTA develop and institute systems and rules, enabling actors and actresses of future generations to enjoy improved working conditions.


Tian Wenchang presented his monograph "Lawyers and the Rule of Law" to Tang Guoqiang, Wang Gang and other guests, and Yang Damin presented his monograph "Star-Rights Protection: I Defeated Song Zude" to the guests.


Sarina, Deputy Chairman of ACCRTA, addressed the ceremony on its behalf. She said that from the first establishment of ACCRTA, it had been considering retaining legal advisers, and after investigating and assessing a number of firms, it decided to retain Tian Wenchang and Yang Damin as its permanent legal advisers. She said that they were delighted to cooperate with such a professional legal team with outstanding reputation, strength and performance.


Tian Wenchang said that the purpose of the cooperation between ACCRTA and King and Capital is not only to do something for the acting profession, but also try to protect basic human rights for all citizens inside or outside the showbiz circle, including personality rights, right of reputation and copyright, and at the same time to emphasis the importance of legal work.


Yang Damin said that a legal framework would protect the personal interests of the actors and actresses, and regulate the entertainment industry. Only when this happened could infringements of the rights of artistes be gradually reduced. Legal advisers would develop standard contracts for the acting profession, represent them in litigation, but also, more importantly, deal with unexpected events by providing them with strategies on how to deal with and settle the events from a legal perspective.


At the ceremony, other famous actors including Wang Gang and Pan Changjiang also expressed their views.




ACCRTA is a voluntary non-profit professional organization aimed at improving the overall quality of the acting profession, encouraging the members of the industry to achieve self-regulation, strengthening the protection of artistes’ rights, safeguarding their legitimate rights and interests, reflecting their opinions and demands, strengthening liaison and communication with all levels of film and television broadcasters, setting up and maintaining film and television program markets and service agencies to provide actors and actresses with standard training, effectively promoting business exchange and cooperation between its members with their peers in other countries, and promoting Chinese performing arts in the international market.


(From left) Mr. Tang Guoqiang, Chairman of ACCRTA, and Mr. Tian Wenchang, Director of King and Capital, signed Permanent Legal Adviser Service Agreement between ACCRTA and King and Capital.


(From left) Zhang Ge, Secretary-General of ACCRTA, presented Mr. Yang Damin, Partner of King and Capital, letter of appointment of permanent legal advisers.


(From left) Ms Sarina, Mr. Tang Guoqiang, Mr. Tian Wenchang and Mr.Yang Damin toasting the cooperation.


Mr. Tang Guoqiang, Chairman of ACCRTA, presented King and Capital his calligraphy work “法惠艺苑” (means"legal service benefits art and literary circles" or "lawyers benefits actors / actresses").