China CITIC Bank renews Legal Counsel Agreement with King and Capital

Time:2012-08-30 Source: The Author:Meng Bing,Qin Qingfang Browse: Print Font Size:T|T

After sucessfully cooperating in 2010 and 2011, China CITIC Bank Co. Ltd renewed the Legal Counsel Agreement with King and Capital in June 2012. King and Capital Partner Meng Bing, lawyer Qin Qingfang and their team have been assigned to provide legal services for this project.

The legal services King and Capital will provide for China CITIC Bank mainly including issuing Attorney Opinion Letters, providing legal advice on sale, rental, decoration and reconstruction of office buildings, financial product trusteeship, referral and receiving and payment, various strategic cooperation agreements, bank card cooperation, promotion, protection of intellectual property, insurance, procurement, and tender.

Brief Introduction to China CITIC Bank

China CITIC Bank (601998.SH, 0998.HK ), founded in 1987, formerly known as CITIC Industrial Bank, is one of the oldest established commercial banks set up during China's economic reform and opening up, and is one of the first commercial banks participating in the international and domestic financial market. It has won a good reputation in China and abroad for winning the most “NO.1”s in Chinese modern financial history. Along with China's rapid economic development, CITIC Industrial Bank gradually grew during the reformation of the Chinese financial market. In August of 2005, CITIC Industrial Bank was officially renamed "China CITIC bank". In December of 2006, China CITIC Co. Ltd was founded with China CITIC Group and CITIC International Financial Holdings Limited as shareholders. In the same year, a complementary strategic cooperation was successfully established with Europe’s leading bank, BBVA (BBVA).

On April 27, 2007, China CITIC Bank successfully listed on the Shanghai and Hong Kong Stock Exchanges. In 2009, China CITIC Bank successfully acquired 70.32% shares of CITIC International Financial Holdings Limited (CITIC International Finance). After 20 years of development, China CITIC Bank has become one of the most powerful domestic commercial banks with great capital strength in China, and is a national commercial bank with strong comprehensive competitiveness and rapid growth.