Lawyer Yang Zhaodong invited to give course on “Criminal Legal Risk Prevention and Control for Chinese Real Estate Entrepreneurs" at the University of Hong Kong

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At the invitation of "Harvard - Tsinghua " Globalizing Cities and Real Estate Operators - International UEO, King and Capital Partner Yang Zhaodong visited the University of Hong Kong on July 30, 2012, to give a course for dozens of real estate entrepreneurs from Hong Kong and Mainland China. The theme of the course was “Criminal Legal Risk Prevention and Control for Chinese Real Estate Entrepreneurs".

The course was given in the meeting room of the Ming Hua Building of the University of Hong Kong. During the course, Mr. Yang talked about criminal law risks and the corresponding prevention measures involved in the establishment and operation of real estate corporations in recent years in China. The offences involved in the course included falsely reporting registered capital, commercial bribery, insider trading, illegal fund-raising, illegal operation and gangland-related crime.

During the course, the entrepreneurs and Mr. Yang had an active interaction, Yang carefully answered the questions raised by the entrepreneurs.

The organizers expressed their full satisfaction with Mr. Yang’s course, and their willingness to continue cooperation.

The International UE0 training program is jointly supported by Harvard University and Tsinghua University. It was established in 2003 and has been successfully held six times. It has become the only top training program in its field in China. More than 200 business leaders of the Chinese real estate industry have been educated at Harvard University; a communication platform of business and politics has been set up as a new mode of educational provision giving courses to business leaders of real estate industry and Chinese mayors on the same subject; more than 600 Chinese mayors have benefited from this course.