Seminar on China-Africa Investment and Trade Law

Time:2014-10-16 Source: The Author:Guo Qing,Gong Piguo,Edward Huang,Sun Jingyu Browse: Print Font Size:T|T
The Seminar on China-Africa Investment and Trade Law was held in Beijing on Sep. 10th, which was hosted by China Law Society and co-hosted by African Legal Affairs Center of King&Capital Law Firm. The judges, prosecutors, and attorneys from over 20 countries gathered together with those from China to discuss practical experiences with a focus on African Law.


Bao Shaokun, vice president of China Law Society, made the opening speech. The experts, legal professionals, and frontline legal workers from Ministry of Commerce, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Tsinghua University, China Petroleum&Chemical Corporation and several law firms, respectively, discussed the topics of frontier problems of foreign direct investments (“FDI”) in Africa, investment risks in Africa, opportunities and challenges in Sino-African economic cooperation. Guo Qing, senior partner of King&Capital conducted a speech on how to identify reliable partners, and touched upon the research achievements and practical experiences of African Legal Affairs Center of King&Capital, receiving attendees’ warm applause.


While the Sino-Africa economic cooperation is growing rapidly, it prevails that Chinese enterprises suffered great losses due to legal disputes in Africa. The serious shortage of Chinese legal professionals engaging in African legal affairs and practices triggers the conflict of high demand for legal service in Sino-African economic cooperation. The legal issues in Sino-African economic cooperation were deeply discussed in this seminar, providing intelligence and practical support on promoting the development of Sino-African economic cooperation, and implementation of the “461”Framework, which complies with the development trade of Sino-African economic cooperation and meets with current legal needs of Sino-African economic cooperation.