Invest in Africa, Law goes first----The only Chinese legal service institution attend the Brics expo

Time:2014-11-14 Source: The Author:Edward Huang,Zhou Zhenguo Browse: Print Font Size:T|T
The first Brics expo was held successfully in Kimberley, the Capital of Northern Cape Province, South Africa, from October 29th to 31st, 2014.
Northern Cape is the largest province of South Africa, accounting for about 29.7% of the territory, with total area of 361,830 square kilometers. Mining is the pillar industry, producing 37% diamond, 70% silver, 84% iron ore, 93% aluminum, 99% copper of the nation’s total. Kimberley is exceptionally rich in diamond.
The exhibition was co-sponsored by Economic Development and Tourism Ministry of South Africa and the Brics expo. More than one hundred companies from China, South Africa, India, Brazil, Ghana, Lesotho etc. participated the exhibition, industries including energy, mineral resources, infrastructure, agriculture, trade and so on. There were more than twenty Chinese companies attending this expo, including China South Locomotive and Rolling Stock Industry Group Corporation, Long Ping High-tech Company Limited, China Forestry Group Corporation. Two partners from Africa Legal Affairs Center (ALAC) of King & Capital Law Firm, Edward Huang and Joe Zhou attended the exhibition, King &Capital Law Firm is the only Chinese legal service institution. The expo contained the host conference, international investor general assembly and B2B exchange meetings. The sponsors promoted local projects of mining, energy, infrastructure to the foreign companies, and made good communication with potential investors. Chinese investors were especially popular; many of them signed contracts on the spot.
King &Capital Law firm became one of the focuses as a professional legal service institute serving Sino-African investment and trade. The Premier of Northern Cape, Ms. Sylvia Lucas, visited our exhibition booth in person, and discussed with two partners of King &Capital Law Firm about the importance of legal services in promoting the economic development of Northern Cape. Ms. Lucas appreciated all what the law firm did and was confident that all the projects would turn out to be successful with professional legal service of ALAC.

The administration of South Africa as well as Northern Cape Province spoke highly of the expo and it also caught the attention of media both at home and abroad, the New Age, E-TV, Hunan-TV followed up the expo. What deserves to mention is that the picture of Premier Sylvia Lucas and partner Edward Huang was published at the headline of The New Age.