Beijing Financial Street Capital Operation Center Approves and Selects King & Capital Law Firm as Outside Legal Counsel

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  Beijing Financial Street Capital Operation Center (“Company”)  has approved King & Capital Law Firm  as outside legal counsel. In January 2019, the Company informed King & Capital of its selection.

  Established in 2012, the Company is state-owned, and is a diversified company. The Company operates a platform handling certain key functions for the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) of the State Council. The functional areas it handles include operations, asset reorganization, investment guidance, development and service strategy.

  The Company primarily offers investment services.  Investment services include investment consulting, investment guidance and other financial investment services. The Company also provides investment services relating to asset reorganization. Besides investment services, the Company is engaged in the business of real estate, financial services, science and technology. In addition, the Company makes investments. It has invested in diversified industries such as real estate, financial services, science and technology culture, commercial retail and hotel.  Its present investment focus is new high-technology, financial services, modern education, urban renewal and agroecology.  The Company also operates lodging, hotel management and other businesses.

  Since the date of establishment, the Company has developed into a first-class state-owned operation.  The results of its success are clear: ending 2016 the Center had registered capital of 21.7 billion yuan, total assets of 209.5 billion yuan, net assets of 68 billion yuan, and held a AAA credit rating. Despite its successes, the current mission of the Company is “re-innovation and new development.”

  King & Capital will provide legal expertise related to investment, merger and acquisition, capital market, fund investment, private equity, venture capital, real estate projects and infrastructure construction, and dispute resolution. King & Capital is excited to help the Company achieve future success of its mission.

  Congratulations on the successful bidding led by King & Capital attorney Yang Liu, a partner of the Corporate and Compliance Department. Also, congratulations to the partners and attorneys of the firm’s various departments including the Finance, Real Estate,  Civil and Commercial Litigation, Corporate and Compliance Departments—all whom provided tremendous support with the bidding efforts.